mardi 15 décembre 2009

Shakespeare tells it all.

Why such is love transgression
Griefs of mine on lie heavy in my breast
Wich thou will propagate to have it pressed
With more of thine. This love that thou hast shown
Doth add more grief to too much of mine own
Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs;
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lover's eyes;
Being vexed, a sea nourished with lover's tears;
What is it else? A madness most discreet
A choking gall, and preserving sweet
Farewell my coz.

Traduction in modern english:
That's the nature of love. My sorrows will increase if you add your own to them. This love you've shown just adds more grief to my plentiful stock. Love is smoke, the fumes of sighing. When it clears away, it's the sparkling fire in lover's eyes. Cross it and it's a sea swollen with lover's tears. What else is it? A wise madness, a deadly poison, a healing medicine.

I put it here because I find Shakespeare way of seeing love is just perfect. He tells both side of the feeling, the good one with the happy ending and the sad one with the sadness. Even though he wrote that a while ago, it's still actual. Many people met love in their lives, some ended well others just had to stay broken-hearted. Love is something scary because you never know how it will end up but at the end of the day, love is what keeps you alive, love is what keeps you strong and hopefull. Even though it can leads to bad feelings like sadness, this make you grow and become a stronger person. Don't give up on love cause love never gives up on you.

Only me.

Poem 3.

Why should I
If you should not?
Why do I
If you do not?
Why am I
If you are not?
Why could I
If you could not?
Why would I
If you would not?

Of it's not really clear for you because you don't necessarily know what I'm talking about but for me, it means a lot. Give it your own meaning.

Only me.

Poem 2.

Few years before you
Few tears before you
I fell in love
I fell in the most painful thing
I've been waiting on an angel
I've been waiting on you
You'd thrown me off of my track
You'd thrown me in another perspective
But now that you're here
You've shown me the way back
You've show me the light

Once again, I wrote it in the same period than the other. Please don't think I'm depressive. I was just going through a rough path.
I decided to put it here because today I kind of found a way back into that path.

Just me.

Poem I wrote (in french...SORRY..not)

Je suis blessée
Je suis meurtrie
Je suis faible
Blessée comme un coeur brisé
Meutrie comme un coeur fini
Faible comme un coeur fané
Reproches amer
Qui m'ont fait perdre la lumière
M'ont fait voir la colère
Et m'ont abandonnés dans la misère
Inconsolables douleurs
Qui m'ont fait perdre mes couleurs
M'ont donnés que du malheur
Et m'ont laissée seule avec mes pleurs
Laissée à moi-même
Dans un trou obscur
Sans même moyen d'en sortir
Dans tout ce mépris
Une leçon de vie j'ai appris
La confiance est fragile
Elle doit être préservée
Sinon elle sera brisée

I wrote it while I was in secondary 2 I think...Or something like that. I just found it back and thought it would be nice to put it here.

** It's the first time I publish something I write so please be nice.

Just me.

Chanel ''american flag'' jumpsuit.

Okay so I guess everyone know Chanel, the designer. Well I hope for you you know it because if not...I guess you still have many things to learn. So Chanel did a new collection that seems to be inspired by the american flag. It's all with stars just like the flag.

I first saw it in Vogue with Kate Moss wearing it for her birthday party.

So here's the look. A jumpsuit is something that may be good looking when you're tall and really thin. And with all those stars, you better be tall nor it's not that good looking because there are too many motifs. The jumpsuit reapeared last year with Chanel. Now every designer has one in his collection.

I liked this outfit but I didn't had the money to buy it so I decided to do it myself. (why not it's less expensive and you can have it the way you want). The hardest thing was to find a fabric that looked alike I didn't change many things except maybe the way the top is made. I am not tall and not slim so I knew it had possibilites of it being ugly on me. But, to my surprise, it's not that worst. I kind of like it in fact. (I will post photos later) Of course it's not something you wear everyday and don't think you won't be seen if you where it. The stars make it kind of...unique.

Anyway, all this to say don't be afraid to give it a try. You may be surprise.

Just me.